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Chocetiq makes it possible to print the labels of product or package, according to very many parameters.

For the parameters of support (format of the boards of labels and contents of each label) to see Formats of the labels.

At the time of the request for impression of labels for a package or a product:

the format of label defined by defect is used firstly, and if no format by defect is envisaged, the first format of the list of the labels of the labels; the impression is inaccessible if no label were defined.

the whole of the zones to be published according to the definite format of the label is proposed: the provision of the zones to the screen is not the reflection of the position on the label (contrary to the option of outline), but makes it possible to consult the whole of the calculated contents of each zone. The zones texts (made out, composition, code case, date, price, code, identities) remain modifiable at this stage by simple striking, or by the complete editor integrated (accessible by double click or left click) for more complex presentations. However, these possible manual modifications will have effect only on the impression in progress, and will not be preserved in the records not produced or packages for a later use.

The detail of calculation of the zone composition can be consulted by the buttondetail.

ChocEtiq calculates the deadlines automatically, by additions of the durations at the current date: it is still possible to modify here the value of “today” to modify the departure of calculation.

it is still possible to choose at this stage another format of label in the drop-down list,

and the number of label to be printed at this stage is proposed with the number of labels of the board, but can be changed..


Caution: for the printers laser mainly, not to re-use a partially printed board where labels were withdrawn, if these labels are located in top of the page or form spaces between the remaining labels. Indeed, there is risk that at the time of the various passages on the rotary axes of the printer (inking block, developer, etc…) the nonjointed labels fall apart and comes to be rolled up on these axes, damaging seriously even definitively the printer.

Nevertheless, a partially printed board with already detached labels, can undergo a second passage if it is turned over in the vat of introduction (for this reason ChocEtiq prints in priority from left to right then upwards)


The “Preview” button makes it possible to control with the screen the outline of the board of label according to various enlargings of the page: the resolution of the outline screen is very low, and does not correspond to the quality of the real impression, which will depend on the quality of the printer used.

Note: the edges of labels can be posted in gray in this outline, either placed at the foreground (sometimes masking the contents on the edge of certain zone), or placed at the second plan (priority being given to the print areas, certain edges of these zones then being able to mask the gray line of edge)

Differed impression


So labels, either for different products or packages, or in different formats, are to be printed in quantity lower than the number of labels per board, Chocetiq proposes a function of office plurality, by the Add button in order to limit the consumption of supports.

The number of labels in differed impression is indicated between brackets.

- this option is obviously possible only if the selected labels refer to the same type of board (8 similar parameters)

- the button “Empty” makes it possible to remove the labels possibly on standby, to take into account only the last request.


- so of the labels are on standby of impression when the application is left, Chocetiq proposes their consultation/impression.

- the button “Print” additions then the labels in progress with the labels on standby, then prints the whole.


CAUTION: after a differed impression, the number of label to print maximum to print is proposed with the number of labels of the board remaining available.


The Council: if you must systematically print two types of labels for the same package or product (for example a first containing the identity and the price of the package, one second containing the composition and the date), you can proceed in two manners:

- is to define the two formats of labels, and systematically to ask the impression of the first then of the second

- is, for a simplified use, to define a single format of label, by using the easy way of a double surface gathering the whole of working of the two labels (definition of a label corresponding to two physical labels).

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