ChocEtiq - Ingredients

“any substance, including the food additives, used in the manufacture or the preparation of a food and present in the end product although sometimes in a modified form”.(codex alimentarius 1991)

The Ingredients table makes it possible to indicate the various components of a product.

Each ingredient is defined by:

its name. The name of each ingredient must be single (without taking account of the tiny capital letters/).If two ingredients belonging to different categories are necessary, operate a light variation of the name). This name is used in the posting of the composition of the products;

a description making it possible to indicate extra informations (this information do not appear on the composition: they however enable you to indicate all useful informations, the such complete name of the additives, the mentions of restriction or prohibition, etc…) ;

possible allergens: if an indication is carried in this zone, it is automatically deferred in the zone of indication of the allergies on the label of composition;

the category (see table) allowing a easier classification of the ingredients;

the indication of presence or name on the label of composition.

In the case of an indication “Not”, the ingredient is not included in the zone composition of the labels (even if it is taken account of its proportion), but if an indication of allergen is present, this indication is included in the allergies. The indication “Not” thus allows, inter alia, to specify general indications of allergy, or exhaustively to describe the composition of certain products where one does not wish to see appearing certain ingredients in the composition.


To add an ingredient, seize its name in the last free cell of the table (or click on the button “To add” to be placed directly on the last cell).


To remove an ingredient, erase the name of the selected ingredient: if this ingredient is used for certain products, an ingredient of replacement must be indicated.


To modify a name of ingredient, modify simply its name: the elements of the corresponding records produced will be automatically modified.

At the time of the access to the table, the table is sorted by names of increasing ingredients. Thereafter, a double-click on a heading of column makes it possible to sort the table in an increasing or decreasing way on the contents of the column.

Export makes it possible to safeguard in the form of a file CEI the entirety of the table of the ingredients created.


Tip: certain receipts require special mentions not corresponding to traditional ingredients. Do not hesitate to create these ingredients in the table in order to facilitate the seizure of the products.


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