ChocEtiq - Linguistic Resources

Each linguistic resource gives place, under /LANGUES repertory of the application, with:

- a file CHOCETIQ of resources, followed in extension of the identifier of language (FR, EN, DE, IT, ES…), which gathers the data (example: CHOCETIQ.FR)

- of an image representative of the flag (in format RLE. Ex: FR.RLE)

ChocEtiq does not incorporate any specific linguistic term, but refers to a table of the terms to be used, each term being associated with a number.

The translation of only file CHOCETIQ of your choice, to constitute a new file CHOCETIQ followed by an unspecified identifier indicating the country, makes it possible to create a new linguistic resource in the form of a simple textual file, by respecting the numbers assigned to each line of resource, and by not omitting the creation of logo (RLE) corresponding.

To modify a file of linguistic resources, you can modify the CHOCETIQ.xx file directly using any text editor

Note: in the event of absence of a file of resource, or even of the complete repertory /Langues, the application automatically uses internal French resources.

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