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General terms of use

Preamble: ChocEtiq is an application in French language: the functionalities and documentation provided in English language constitute a translation, but only the French version is a reference, for .

Subject: ADAGIO grants to the Customer who accepts in the capacity as user, a personal right, nontransferable and nonexclusive, of use of the software package according to the only specifications described in the documentation of the software package. The software package remains the exclusive and absolute property of ADAGIO which remains only owner, in comparison with the Customer, of the source codes.

Support: the application is provided without physical support, the customer getting the whole of the elements (installer, application, documentation, updates, etc) by remote loading.

Use of the software package: the software package under licence can be used only on only one hardware configuration and one site, except exemption and authorization express given in writing by ADAGIO. The implementation and the installation of the software package are ridges by the Customer and under his responsibility and its control. No customer support is ensured for the users whose licence was not recorded.

Recording of the licence and confidentiality: the licence is materialized, after payment, by the only supply with the corresponding invoice of a username and a password allowing the complete use of the application and access to the updates. The customer commits himself not communicating nor to yield to others, subject to payment or free, his username and his password; in the event of abuse, in addition to the possible penal consequences, the customer will see his data of access to the servers removed.

Reproduction - property of the software: the software package and its documentation are protected by the articles L. 122-6 and L. 335-3 from the Code from the Intellectual property. The Customer commits himself not carrying reached, directly or indirectly with the absolute property right of ADAGIO on the software package.

Responsibility: ADAGIO is held of a simple obligation of means. ADAGIO could not be held responsible, in some way that it is, of any damage undergone by the Customer, caused directly or indirectly by the use of the software package.

Guarantee: ADAGIO guarantees during a three months deadline as from the date of acquisition of the software package, all anomalies, incidents, errors or malfunction, provided that there no were modifications made to the software by the Customer or any other person not entitled by ADAGIO, that the anomaly does not result from a misuse of the software package by the Customer (or very other causes external with the software package, in particular a faulty operation of the material or system)

Applicable law - Competence: this contract is subjected to the French law, and in the event of conclusion with a professional user, is spring of the bankruptcy court of the head office of the Company ADAGIO.

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